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Live up to industry standards

At your side to ensure the success of your projects

    Your projects are in good hands

    AX-Découpe has built a solid reputation as a trusted subcontractor partner able to meet the performance plastic machining and cutting needs of countless industrial companies.

    Aware of market conditions and realities, our experts will meet your expectations while helping to ensure project execution.

    Materials adapted to your requirements

    Our team can count on a long-standing expertise in industrial plastics and other composites to offer clients sound advice as to the best materials to utilize, based on requirements and specifications.

    High quality standards

    Our standards and procedures are designed with a view to meeting client requirements in terms of precision and schedules. Our inventory management process and variety of materials allow us to quickly meet your needs!

    Attuned to market realities and challenges

    At AX-Découpe, we understand that market realities are different in every sector and often, unpredictable. Whether you need to manufacture custom equipment or are focused on mass production, we handle your projects with a laser-sharp focus on your specific requirements and reality.

    Your activity sector, our team of experts!

    Over the years, AX-Découpe has successfully met the needs of clients in numerous activity sectors.

    Achievements by activity sector

    Equipment and machinery

    Curved guides, guide bars, toothed wheels, sleighs/guide rails, deflectors, stops and more.

    Handling equipment

    Windows, anti-glare screens, structural frames, spacers, supports, caps, buffer plates and more.

    Furniture and decoration

    Base lines, backrests, 3D accessories, letters, perforated panels, stencils, disk pack canisters and more.