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Efficient, reliable and precise

Dedicated to meeting your production needs

Industrial plastics machining and cutting experts

Successfully serving clients for over 15 years!

Our mission

Meeting client needs by proposing innovative cutting solutions, aligned with expectations and schedules. We offer a personalized service namely the production of custom parts that comply with the most stringent quality criteria.

Our history

Since the company’s founding in 2004, AX-Découpe has never ceased making headway. From its original expertise in cutting various materials into sheets, the company developed a focused specialization in industrial plastics over the years.


In 2008, AX-Découpe expanded its facilities, doubling the available space. In 2016, the company moved its activities to a larger facility that allowed AX-Découpe to increase its production capacity.

As part of its business activities, AX-Découpe collaborated with actors in various activity sectors, among them equipment makers, furniture manufacturers, transportation equipment builders, etc.


In 2019, AX-Découpe responded to a growing demand by expanding its new plant and acquiring additional production equipment. Two years later, in 2021, the company introduced an ERP management system to allow for centralizing its operations and communications.


Today, AX-Découpe is still evolving, with a new focus on the production of quality plastic components and the building of strong ties with its clients.

Our values


Simplicity is at the heart of all that we do, manifesting itself through an internal process stripped of all superfluous details and a client experience that is both simple and optimized, from first quotation to final delivery. Our employees work in close proximity, which favours clear communications and speedy and accurate reactions.


We place a great deal of emphasis on being honest, with team members as well as clients. Regardless of the challenges or problems encountered during a project, we share facts in a highly transparent manner. We transform our words into action, particularly with team members, where this approach ensures strong relationships built on trust.


We never cease testing our boundaries, and strive to transform difficulties and challenges into opportunities to grow and surpass ourselves. Our team of experts is determined to a fault!


We live by the mantra that working as a team and having fun doing it is what allows us to reach new heights. Sharing responsibilities, information and best practices is part of our daily activities. We also develop true partnerships with our clients as a means of better meeting their needs. We believe in relying on cooperation and mutual aid to efficiently move forward.

« Coming together is a start, staying together is progress and working together is the secret to success. » – Henry Ford (Michigan, USA 1863-1947)